Sisterhood Circle

Come Join the Magic in our Sisterhood Circle where we gather together, and journey deeper into creating calm in our lives.

Join the Magic

Available to all who have taken the Creating Calm Workshop

It is with much heart that I invite you into my home…a soft place to land from the swirl of life. A space to pause and breathe. A space to come together with other women to support and encourage each other as we deepen into creating calm in our lives.

In this monthly Sisterhood Circle, we will unpack your Creating Calm Tools, or perhaps even dust some of them off.

We’ll take a look at what is working and what is not. We will experiment with our tools as we inspire one another, share ideas, and strengthen together.

This is a space to dive into how to adapt the tools to different seasons of life and to shape our own centre of peace within.

This is three months of magic…the exact amount of time it takes to create a new habit! We will glean wisdom together on how to show up differently in ways that sustain us instead of drain us.

I have created a very special space of peace for you to come settle in and let life slide off your shoulders. Come connect with other woman and know you are not alone! Instead of trying so hard…simply show up and see what emerges!

Infuse yourself with peace, and feel the tender restoration this space holds for your soul. Come allow yourself to transform and deepen to new levels as you connect with yourself and other like-hearted women.


All sessions will be held at Jen’s home in Stony Plain from 2 PM to about 4 PM

Sunday, February 23rd

  • Settle in and slow down as we gather in a beautiful candle lit circle. We’ll see what is emerging for you thru the practice of filling your cup up.
  • Dive in on how to use the morning practice of receiving and the evening gratitude practice in different seasons of life.
  • Shine wisdom into what is emerging in your practice and what support you need in order to handle the stresses of life.

Sunday, March 22nd

  • Slow down and be enfolded in the beauty of spring! Feel grounded with the earth and uplifted as we celebrate the refreshment of spring equinox and all that is emerging and blooming!
  • Together we’ll continue to grow new pathways in our brain. We’ll look at what we’re noticing about our thoughts and feelings and the impact that our thought patterns are creating.
  • We’ll discover what is developing and how our anxiety and stress can be minimized thru our tool of Fact vs. Fiction. We’ll free ourselves as we play with a practice to release thought patterns.

Sunday, April 19th

  • Come feel the camaraderie of those journeying with you! Honor the wise woman you are as you rise to new heights! Know that you belong and are connected.
  • We will play with our listening skills and begin to experience sensing energy. We’ll explore what is showing up as we learn to journey with others in a way that supports both them and us!
  • Using hands on tools we will experiment with how to move energy for ourselves and experience what works for each of us.


Register for all 3 sessions, or join us for the ones that fit your schedule

All 3 SessionsThe Full Package

$30Per Session

Save and pay a one time fee of $94.50, which includes GST, for all 3 sessions. If you are unable to attend a session, a recording of the session will be available to you.

Drop-InIndividual Sessions

$40Per Session

Can't make it to all three sessions? Drop-in to the sessions that work for you! Each session is $42 with GST.

Extras Dive deeper

$75Private Coaching Sessions

For those who would like to dive deeper, private coaching is available at 50% off the regular session price of $150.

Booking & Registration

For more information and registration for the Sisterhood Circle, or to book a private coaching session, please contact me by email or phone.

Email Jen

(780) 916-2650