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Welcome! Here at Vibrantly You we come together to grow our peace and be held in community. You experience practical tools that support you, moment by moment, in daily life. This a space to journey together with others as you explore your body, mind and heart. Come be supported.

Open Group Calls

Come connect into community! We have free group calls online, via zoom, once a month throughout the summer. This is a place to connect with each other and ground into your own peace.

You can join our calls by adding your email to my Vibrant Living newsletter list. The Zoom links will be emailed the day before each call. I will be here… come be a part of creating world peace by simply settling your own heart!

If you have a specific request, or are looking for some particular wisdom please feel free to email or text your request!

Grounding & Practical Tools

In our August open calls, we'll be looking at what it means to Navigate The New World.

You will have the opportunity to bring your questions & requests or submit them before the call. This is an opportunity to be coached and mentored in a specific area of your own world that you are navigating. I will get to as many of them as time allows for in the hour we have together.

Open calls like this allow you to get coached specifically but also allows others to gain the wisdom along side you. I will share ideas on how I am navigating and cultivating my own world. As well as, I will coach and mentor you so you can find your own wisdom.

What is showing up for you as you navigate your new world? If you’d like to summit a request you can:

  • Simply join the call and speak your request then.
  • Submit your request ahead of time by text or e-mail.
  • If you have a request, but do not wish to be coached in the group call, that is also fine. When you submit it just let me know, and I will address it without calling on you.

Whether you want to be coached and mentored during the call or not, join us so you can receive the group wisdom.

Upcoming Open Calls

Come experience support for yourself from an internal perspective, and group wisdom.

The Zoom links will be sent out via email a day or two before each call. If you'd like to join, please add your email to our newsletter list, to ensure your receive the invitation links for the open calls.

Our next few upcoming group calls are listed below.

Saturday, Aug 28 at 8:30 am
Saturday, Sep 11 at 8:30 am

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What is life coaching?

An introduction to coaching

Personal coaching is a lot about mindset training and it’s so exciting to see how a shift in perspective and thought can revolutionize your mind, and your entire world. I come alongside and help you discover your own inner wisdom and find your own track to bringing transformation to your life. This is a chance to learn and grow with someone by your side who can shine the light on new ideas, dark corners or hidden doorways.

Coaching is a safe place to process and think, to gain clarity on how to move forward in your life, one step at a time. It’s a place to create different thought patterns, habits and goals, and to take life to the next level!

Coaching is right for you if:

  • You want more out of your current life situation or circumstances.
  • You are tired of going in circles and making the same excuses.
  • You want to discover empowerment and choice.
  • You have a personal goal that you would like to get on track with.
  • You want to learn and discover new ways to change your thinking.
  • You need some outside perspective and wisdom.
  • You are ready to learn, grow, and begin some change or transformation in life.
  • You want to improve the quality and richness of a particular area of life.
  • You desire to live in a way that supports who you are, and what is important to you.

Live by Design

A year long journey into your mind, body, and heart in practical ways to weave peace, pleasure, passion, and purpose in your life.

Register today! Our next program starts September 19th.

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About your coach, Jen

You will often find me outdoors or simply standing in the sunshine recharging. I create change in my own life the same way I do with you…one small step at a time. Simplifying things, changing how I think, and having my mind working for me, not against me. I’ve used this as the foundation to build into my career, my health, my relationships, my challenges, my rhythms, my self love and so much more! I graduated with honors from the Integrative Health & Wellness Coaching program at Mount Royal University in Calgary.

Come with me and learn how to think differently. Explore who you are, what works for you, and start to build a life that supports you where you thrive!

Choose to live vibrantly

What is it that you wish to change, but just don’t know how? Where are you feeling stuck? What area of life would you like to grow? No matter how big or small it is, we can walk the path together to bring transformation to your life. You don’t have do this alone! This is your safe place to sort through life’s challenges with no judgement, where you'll find stillness to settle your mind and emotions. As your coach, I come alongside you and shine a light to help you find your inner wisdom.

Let’s journey together to find your best possible self! Reach out and connect with me! Come discover what it means to be vibrantly you!

Coaching Packages

Are you ready to find out exactly who you are, what’s important to you, who or what you want to spend your time and energy on, and begin transforming your life?

All coaching sessions are currently only $111 per session for a limited time.

SOS SessionOne time call


Includes a one time 60 minute session when something is pressing and you want someone to walk beside you in the moment.

Additional sessions $180 each

3 SessionCoaching package


Includes one 30 minute meet & greet, plus three sessions up to 60 minutes in length. Personalized support based on your needs.

Additional sessions $150 each

6 SessionCoaching package


Includes one 30 minute meet & greet, plus six sessions up to 60 minutes in length. Personalized support based on your needs.

Additional sessions $120 each

Vibrant Living

Come join our Vibrant Living Community! By joining you will receive free resources to start your journey as well as access to all the Open Calls on zoom that we hold. See you inside!

Free gifts when joining

3 Minutes of Peace download to centre and ground you.

20 Minute Guided Restful Reprieve download to settle your soul, relax your body, and slow your mind.

Client quotes

“Very insightful. I really enjoyed the questions and the thoughtful insights in our session! You are wonderful, thank you” JH

“Thank you for the gift of your heart. You create a safe space to shine illumination onto our path. Frequently we are blind to the doors before us. With your unconditional love holding us, you guide us to see the doors, and that we hold the keys to walk through these new doors. Your gift supports us to walk our paths with courage and ease.” MF

Contact Me

If you’re ready for change, I’d love to meet with you. Coaching packages include a 30 minute complementary meet & greet session. I look forward to helping you discover powerful insights that will truly create positive transformation in your life!

I reside in the greater Edmonton area of Stony Plain for face-to-face coaching sessions, and I coach worldwide online via Facetime and Zoom.

Jennifer BowzeyloCertified Life Coach

(780) 916-2650

Email Jen