Vibrantly You Transformative Life & Wellness Coaching

Welcome to Vibrantly You! Here we come together to grow our peace and be held in community. Come experience practical tools that support you, moment by moment, in daily life. This a space to journey together with others as you explore your body, mind and heart.

About Jen

You will often find me outdoors or simply standing in the sunshine recharging. I create change in my own life the same way I do with you…one small step at a time. Simplifying things, changing how I think, and having my mind working for me, not against me. I’ve used this as the foundation to build into my career, my health, my relationships, my challenges, my rhythms, my self love and so much more! I graduated with honors from the Integrative Health & Wellness Coaching program at Mount Royal University in Calgary.

Come with me and learn how to think differently. Explore who you are, what works for you, and start to build a life that supports you where you thrive!

Choose to live vibrantly

What is it that you wish to change, but just don’t know how? Where are you feeling stuck? What area of life would you like to grow? No matter how big or small it is, we can walk the path together to bring transformation to your life. You don’t have do this alone! This is your safe place to sort through life’s challenges with no judgement, where you'll find stillness to settle your mind and emotions. I come alongside you and shine a light to help you find your inner wisdom.

Let’s journey together to find your best possible self! Reach out and connect with me! Come discover what it means to be vibrantly you!

Seasons of Life

Come join a small group of ladies as we meet together 5 times over the year. We look to nature throughout the year, for that is where the ebb and flow of life shows us exactly how to live.

Begins January 13th, 2024

Program Details

Client quotes

“I really appreciate you. You bring such a calm, relaxing and inviting energy to our sessions. I have felt so validated and supported in all the ways that make my heart feel connected. Thank you.” BG

“Very insightful. I really enjoyed the questions and the thoughtful insights in our session! You are wonderful, thank you.” JH

“Thank you for the gift of your heart. You create a safe space to shine illumination onto our path. Frequently we are blind to the doors before us. With your unconditional love holding us, you guide us to see the doors, and that we hold the keys to walk through these new doors. Your gift supports us to walk our paths with courage and ease.” MF

Vibrantly You

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Free resources when joining

3 Minutes of Peace download to centre and ground you.

20 Minute Guided Restful Reprieve download to settle your soul, relax your body, and slow your mind.

Contact Me

I look forward to helping you discover meaningful insights that will create positive transformation in your life!

Jen Bowzeylo

(780) 916-2650

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