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In the swirl of life

Join us for practical tools to handle anxiety and stress as we go on a journey to create calm on the inside so you can be centered amidst the swirl of life. Sign up to our newsletter to be notified when registration opens.

Create Calm

— Free Open Call Series —

Are you looking for connection, support, or desiring change but not sure where to begin? This is a sacred space that opens the door to practical tools for handling the stress of day to day life. Here is where your sisterhood holds you, and offers a place to connect into. Join me as I take you on a journey to transform yourself, so you can be calm and centered, from the inside out.

Come slow down… this is your reprieve from the outside world. This is where you connect with yourself and your sisterhood. Each session you will practice techniques equipping you to become more centered, grounded, and peaceful.

Learn to become less tangled in your feelings. You’ll explore a way to look at emotions differently, and create a tangible reminder to help you shift your feelings throughout the day.

You will practice tuning into yourself, through how you start and end your day. Experience listening to what your own heart needs, before you head out into the world. Feel the peace of shaping your mindset before falling asleep.

Consider what it would look like to listen with a compassionate heart to those around you, and not carry all the energy with you. You'll look at different options that enable you to truly listen in a way that supports both of you.

Infuse your body, mind, and heart with practical tools as we walk life together, connected in sisterhood.

These are not more todo’s on your list, but rather practical ways to center and ground yourself. I invite you to come learn these tools for yourself and cultivate peace from the inside-out.

Infuse your body, mind, and heart with practical tools as we walk life together, connected in sisterhood.


Month 1Open Call Session 1

  • Get to know your body and where your stress lives
  • Learn a daily practice for yourself so you don’t run on empty
  • Receive a nightly practice that gently shifts your mind before falling asleep
  • Design a way to practically integrate this into your daily life

Month 2Open Call Session 2

  • Learn how to notice feelings and use them as indicators instead of dictators
  • Explore a pathway to discover where feelings come from and how to create different thought patterns to shift feelings
  • Create a reminder that you can carry with you, or set it out for yourself to see throughout the day

Month 3Open Call Session 3

  • Learn how to be present and compassionate with others without taking on so much of their energy
  • Practice together how to connect and truly listen in a variety of different ways
  • Learn to become aware of different energy and take home easy to use ways to support yourself and others as you walk life together

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As a group we come together each month in a Wisdom Session where we unpack the tools and practices so you can experience what you are learning.

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